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Due to customer demand, we have created a new DIY site solution @ The Website Design Company, our solution lets you build your own site with no programming required.

We selected Joomla as the framework as it is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world and has every possible feature you can think of.

Building your own site is quite easy:

Step 1

- Contact us to register a domain name, (takes 24hrs - R200)

Step 2

- Choose a professional web 2.0 template (from R140 – R1000)
- Log into the site to add your logo
- Select and create pages, images etc.

And Presto you’re done!

It is that straightforward and easy, the site backend (Joomla) has everything you need build an excellent website. In fact, the Joomla system has to build more web pages than any other solutions on the Internet!

We have DVD’s and specifically created guides available should you need them. Hosting is charged at R190 per month, which is all it will cost you to create your own website.



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