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Every company needs an online business presence so that customers can easily obtain information about products and services. A quality website is fundamental to creating brand reputation, value perception and building long lasting relationships with clients.

At the Website Design Company, we use a content management system that allows us to design professional looking websites in a fraction of the time that it would normally take. We can therefore spend more time on marketing your site online though effective search engine optimization while still charging you less than the competition.

If it sounds to good to be true, have a look at our portfolio.

A properly build website can automate your business workflow by allowing potential clients to do business with you after normal hours giving you the opportunity to do business while you sleep!

Some of the new web 2.0 performance enhancing features that our websites include is: client logins, client tracking, downloads, order placement, order tracking, progress reports, e-mail and more. While these advanced features can make a huge difference to your business, they normally cost a fortune due to the lengthy development time required when writing these programs.

Our solution is to let our clients to choose from more than 2000 pre-programmed web applications at minimal cost. Our content management solution also gives users the right to login and easily update their site online within seconds at no cost.

Furthermore, the entire site can managed online including:
User management, languages, pages, articles, images, polls, banners, search functions, menu’s, Google maps integration, Facebook integration, twitter integration, etc.

We use the content management system because makes your life easier and can grow with your business, thereby giving you a long-term solution.

The Website Design Company offers affordable website design solutions that work.

Strategic website design, top designers, personal service, reliability, and results!

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